Dinard and the Emerald coast


From Erquy to Saint-Malo, the Emerald Coast offers sandy beaches, restaurants overlooking the sea, strolls along the ramparts of a privateer stronghold…


This genteel seaside resort on the Emerald Coast is full of architectural and natural points of interest. Follow the series of signposted paths to discover the town's countless attractions.  

Many artists have been inspired by Dinard: Oscar Wilde, Debussy, Jules Verne... Painters have been inspired by these breathtaking views for centuries.  

Picasso painted about 350 pictures at Dinard. The town's 20 art galleries prove that the Emerald Coast is as popular as ever with artists and visitors.  

The customs officers' path take you on a different sort of journey: it winds between the emerald sea and sandy beaches, offering glimpses of superb villas with luxuriant and highly-scented Mediterranean gardens. Dinard is well worth a visit.

Tourist information and accommodation: Dinard tourist office



In the 17th century, Saint-Malo was fortified and surrounded by defensive walls, giving it an architectural heritage unrivalled in Brittany. It is one of the closest French ports to the Channel Islands.  

Explore the beautifully-restored old walled town, walking along narrow cobble-stoned streets, before enjoying something to eat or drink on the terrace of one of the many cafes or restaurants.

Saint-Malo, the privateer's fortress, awaits your visit…

Tourist information and accommodation: Saint-Malo tourist office 



With its spectacular landscapes, fine, sandy beaches and busy fishing port, Erquy's character and authenticity is irresistible. Wander through the port and don't miss out on the local specialities, such as the delicious "coquilles Saint-Jacques" (scallops)



With its 70-metre-high cliffs towering over the waves below, le Cap Fréhel is a wonder of nature and one of the most unforgettable sights in Brittany. The best way to enjoy this bird-watcher's paradise is by walking along the cliffs around the famous lighthouse. The customs officers' path between le Cap Fréhel and le Fort la Latte is a delight for ramblers.



A classic small Breton fishing port, Cancale's glorious views are as appealing as its gastronomy.


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