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Unaccompanied minors


Ryanair does not permit children under 16 to travel unaccompanied.

For more information, please contact the airline.




Minors under the age of 18 must have an authorization to leave the country and a photocopy of the parent's identity document who signs the authorization to leave the country. We thank our passengers for anticipating this new requirement.

Travel documents


formalités guide du voyageur aéroport de dinard

To fly within the European Union, you must produce a valid national identity card or passport. Caution: a damaged or defaced identity card or passport will not be accepted.

NB: some nationals must obtain a visa before flying to Great Britain.

Children accompanied by an adult with a different surname must produce a ID card or passport. They must have an authorization to leave the country and a photocopy of the parent's identity document who signs the authorization to leave the country. 

Note that airlines can apply their own restrictions, which may differ from those of the destination State. For more information, please refer to the airline website:

You can also consult the French government's website, under the section "Conseil aux voyageurs"



On occasions, a surge in the number of renewal requests for passports (or identity cards) can result in delays in processing the request. To ensure that you get your new travel documents on time for your trip, it is advisable to:

  • check the expiry date of your passport (or identity card) 
  • submit an application for a renewal (if necessary):          

- from the town hall (in France) where you live to request a new identity card

- from a town hall (in France) that has biometric measuring equipment if you need a new passport

A new passport or identity card may be applied for any time during the three months leading up to the document's expiry date.

A list of the documents needed (in France) is provided on the website of the French ministry for interior affairs, overseas territories and immigration:

  • Identity card:

  • Biometric passport:

Check-in times 


heure-limite-enregistrement-aeroport-dinardAll passengers are required to check-in 2 hours before the scheduled departure time of their flight. The bag-drop desk closes 40 minutes prior to the departure time, and the boarding gate closes 30 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time of the flight. Any passenger arriving late will not be accepted for travel.  

For more information go to:




Air passenger right

The European Union has laid down common rules regarding compensation and assistance for passengers. This regulation came into force on 17 February 2005 and extends the scope of the protection offered to passengers and strengthens their rights.

As part of a large-scale awareness-raising campaign, the European Commission has published a brochure entitled "Air passenger rights" which summarises the main features of the current legislation in this area. This brochure is available in all airports.

For more information, go to the website of the European commission


reduced mobility Passengers

In accordance with the European regulation of 5 July 2006, Dinard Airport offers free assistance within the airport to disabled persons and to persons with reduced mobility wishing to travel by air. The service is continued during the flight and in the destination airport.

Assistance is thus provided free of charge at the airport and during transit. If you wish to use this service, simply request it when placing your reservation with your airline (or travel agent).

 WHAT YOU NEED TO DO:rmp-reduced-mobility-passenger-dinard-airport

  • When making the reservation – Inform your airline

When you book your ticket, you must inform your airline or travel agent that you would like to receive assistance during your journey.  

To ensure optimum satisfaction of your needs, it is important to specify the nature of your disability (reduced mobility, visual impairment, hearing impairment, etc.), the type of assistance required at the airport and any specific requirements during the flight.  

  • Ryanair help line (in France): +33 (0) 892 562 150


  • Arriving at the airport – Parking and access

We recommend that you park in the outdoor parking area, located right in front of the terminal building. This car park has a disabled parking area. You can also be dropped off in front of the terminal building.

So that you can be helped within the airport, please ask for assistance at check-in or at the Ryanair information desk.

Note: you must announce your arrival at the check-in or information desk at least two hours prior to the time of departure of your flight.


For more information, visit the airline website :


Babies have to be more than 7 full days old to be accepted for travel by Ryanair.


Pregnant women

The requirements of Ryanair are that once an uncomplicated pregnancy reaches its 28th week, the pregnant woman must carry a "fit to fly" letter (dated within 2 weeks of the booked flight).  

Women beyond the end of the 32nd week of pregnancy are not permitted to travel.

Mediation authority of French airports

In accordance with European regulations ( Directive 2013/11 / EU of 05.21.2013 ), we inform you about the possible referral to our partner "The Travel and Mediation". Contact details and referral procedures are available on its website for any claim deemed unsuccessful.

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